Devil Fruit Pins


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┍━»•» 🗿 Brought to You by Liz 🌻 «•«━┑


┕━»•» 🏴‍☠️One Piece ⇢ ˗ˏˋ💣 Enamel Pins🏴‍☠️
┕━»•» Arrive in Sets of 3.
┕━»•» 🧱 Enamel Pin.
┕━»•» One Piece Anime Fans, we have here a three set of some very popular devil fruit! Wear them with pride as you go about your day and let others gander at your traveling swag! It comes with Ope Ope, Gomu Gomu, & Mera Mera no mi!

【Thank you for the support it means the world to me.】


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