Poké Balls


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┍━»•» 🗿 Handmade by Liz 🌻 «•«━┑


┕━»•» 💥Pokéball Go!! ⇢ ˗ˏˋMultiple Pokeball Styles 🍚⭕
┕━»•» ⭕Trainer choose your preference!
┕━»•» 🧱 Made of Polymer Clay and 💧 Resin sealed.
┕━»•» Pokémon fans welcome, we’ll be featuring more characters and keychain options soon! If you have a special request always reach out and you’d be surprised what will come of it! Also reminder that no two can be identical but they are all made with love. ❤️

【Thank you for the support it means the world to me.】


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