Totoro Leaf Earrings


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┍━━━━━»•» Brought to you by Liz 🌻 «•«━┑
┕━»•» 🌱Studio Ghibli ⇢ ˗ˏˋ🌰 Totoro Leaf Earrings 🍃
┕━»•» My Neighbor Totoro by Studio Ghibli 🍃
┕━»•» 🧫️ Made of Enamel Pin and 💧 Resin Leaves.
┕━»•» Super cute & lightweight. We welcome custom requests so if you have something in mind please don’t hesitate to ask! Beleaf in yourself always. 💚

【Thank you for the support it means the world to me.】


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